• December 27, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Our Passion For Vintage Photographs (or In Search of Richard Hambleton)


Before digital cameras were invented, it was somewhat rare for people to shoot images of street art. 

This year, one of our goals is to track down and compile as many unknown vintage photographs of street art from the late 70’s and early 80’s as possible. 

(If you have any to share, email us at woostercollective@gmail.com)

The photo above, taken by Allan Molho, is of a piece done by one of our current obsessions - Richard Hambleton.

There were rumors that Hambleton stopped by 11 Spring one day just before the opening while the artists where painting.  Malcolm mentioned that it might have been Hambleton who put up a series of mirrors inside the building.  Sara also thought that she might have asked Hambleton to leave because she didn’t know who he was.

Over the last couple of months, reading more about the East Village scene in the 80’s, I’ve become obsessed with the work of Richard Hambleton.  A dream of ours is to one day curate a show of Hambleton’s work.

UPDATE:  A tip from Miss Dabree: “There was an awesome book from when i was a kid that used to have some of his stuff in it. Alot of cool street and outsider stuff.. New, Used and Improved: Art for the. 80’s, Peter Frank and Michael McKenzie, Abbeville Press, Inc., New York with a Ronnie Cutrone painting of Bugs Bunny on the front.. I used to get it out of the library and steal pages out of it until I just decided to take the whole thing. Sorry N. Plfd public library”