• March 9, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

OPT - “The Vitals"Age: 26Hometown?:


OPT - “The Vitals”

Age: 26
Where do you now live?: BORDEAUX as known as
How long have you been creating street art?: Each day is a
new begining
What did you do last night?: i watched a soccer game
with friends, we drank rhum, smoked weed, laughing and joking
What is
your favorite thing to eat for dinner?:
i like to eat something cooked with
love like a Deer Fillet, White Calville Apples or a PressZe of duck Foie Gras
Mi-Cuit and Veal feet with Herbs
Who is your favorite fictional
Definitly Donald Duck, cause he’s always in a bad mood.
/>What are your hobbies?: Spend time with friends
What do you
currently have in your pockets?:
My hands
If you were given “more
time,” what would you do with it?:
joking with friends and sleeping more.
/>Who do you love?: All the girls who have a large smile on their face