• December 31, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

One To Watch - Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils)

One of the most rewarding things about doing the Wooster site for almost five years now is that we can begin to track various artist’s development and progression as they grow older and get more experience. 

Three years ago we did a very short profile on Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) a very young, only 16 year old, artist from Lisbon, Portugal. Since he was 13 years old Vhils had been into street art and was just then beginning to fall in love with stencils.

Now almost 20 years old, Alexandre Farto is seeing his passion for graffiti, street art, and graphic design begin to pay off.  Two weeks ago, “building 3 steps” his indoor/outdoor exhibition with Miguel Mauricio opened in Lisbon. Using light installations, steel boxes, spray cans, paint, bleach, and more, the project starts in an indoor space and in it’s three parts begins to invade the street around the gallery.