• July 30, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

ONE NOT TO MISS: Circus Gold Presents: Neighborhood Watch



Circus Gold Presents: Neighborhood Watch

3-day Event Featuring: Art/Movies/Puppet Dj dance party/Music/Raffle/Games/Kung Fu/Costume party/and more

Suggested donation at door.

For daily event schedule and to RVSP go to the circus gold page on face book.

Artist Showing:

Briar Bonifacio/ Austin, Texas

JLaw/Austin, Texas

Zach McDonald/ Austin, Texas

Patrick Griffen/ New York

David Perez/ San Antonio, Texas

Stephen Fitzgerald/Brooklyn, Texas

Kim Swift/Brooklyn, Texas

Cherie Weaver/ Austin, Texas

Hayden Dunham/ New York

Arden Fanning/ New York

Trinh Huynh/ New York

Elizabeth Huey/ New York

Joesph Phillips/ Austin, Texas

Carly Rabalias/ Brooklyn, Texas

LaBrona/ Canada

and many more…....

Event includes

Film screenings: Break in/Beat Street/Street Wise/Rumble Fish/Cool Hand Luke/Eat Flies/Big Bad Love/

Daily games for prizes with raffle drawing sponsored by: Ghetto Olympics which include musical chairs/pull up contest/bing bag toss

Dj Dojo drawing room/kung fu class

Puppet Dj dance costume party

Sponsors include: Patron/Cafe Bastelo/Zico/

Food:Bruce Lee Smoothies/Popcorn/and more

Clothing/Accesories by: darkeyes clothing/Circus Gold