• February 28, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

No New Enemies


Last Friday night No New Enemies and partner Mr. Ego, welcomed somewhere between 300 and 400 people to the opening of Animal Profane Plutonic: Icon Disruption’s Under the Earth’s Surface …

Artists involved are: Guifari (BE), Neasden Control Centre (Uk) and Victor Castillo (Chile)

Much like the No New Enemies network itself, the collaborative show and installation developed organically, each artist choosing a word for the title, nonsense making sense for some after the paint was slapped onto the walls. 

No New Enemies is a network of artists that began doing public installations and has since began several other activities to support art and it’s place in public.

For more info on the show, the No New Enemies network and other activities, you an contact: nonewenemies@gmail.com