• June 8, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

New York | June 18 | Six Ways Out

6 Ways Out featuring works by Patrick Rocha, Eric Elms, Maya Hayuk, Craig Metzger, Todd St. John and NeckFace.


June 3, 2004:

Brooklyn Fire Proof presents Six Ways Out, new work by six emerging artists working to explode the conventions of their media, movements,and moment.

The wooden sculptures, wheatpaste posters, oil paintings, installations, paper cutouts and graffiti of Todd St. John, Eric Elms, Patrick Rocha, Maya Hayuk,  Craig Metzger, and Neck Face couldn’t look more dis-similar, but they are champions of their respective crafts. Each challenges the classes of art that separate low from high, street from gallery, underground from mainstream, and popular from fine.

The current vanguard of art looks more disparate than alike, more fragmentary than coherent.  And yet, the idea of art-making has never been stronger.  Creative energy flows in every direction.

Please join us June 18th as the newly-renovated Brooklyn Fire Proof brings together these six artists, six models for art-making.  With more than fifty new pieces and an enormous collaborative mural, Six Ways Out aims to show these works as myriad projections from the shared prism that ties the new art together.

The Essentials
When: June 18
Where:Brooklyn Fire Proof, 101 RICHARDSON STREET BROOKLYN, NY 11211 TEL: 718.302-4702
URLs: Six Ways Out