• August 28, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Moscow’s Pink Fountains




From Charushin:

“i did this action in Moscow in August 2d when the day of Air Assault Forces takes place.  It used to be very brutal and aggressive day when former and current members of AAF get totally drunk and destroy everything/beat whoever they want. They are allowed to do it by government (because for government it’s easier to allow such one-day-anarchy than pay them good salary and bring some changes into corrupted and demoralized army). Many people (especially colored) don’t leave their home this day because it’s quite dangerous. Others are afraid to pass these places where the AAF members are hanging over.

One of their favorite entertainment is swimming in the fountains. I colored water in one of them in pink color. Color of love and tenderness. These guys always have not enough love and affection”