• January 9, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

More on Guilford Avenue from Logan Hicks

Yesterday we put up an amazing piece of art sent
to us by Logan Hicks while he was
back in his home town of Baltimore. We’ll this evening we received the following
update from Logan.  It’s a fantastic story:

“funny thing happend
since you posted that piece on wooster. i had asked my friend, and director of
the arts and promotion office in baltimore city who did the piece. i found out
that that piece was part of a larger project called the door and window
project, which in itself is pretty cool. Gary is a super cool guy who is
responsible for a lot of the “legit” art. he is the director of the Artscape
festival which happens every year, and brings in close to a million people.

Tabatha Tucker - 326 Federal St

Anyway, below is the email i got from Gary Kachadorian:

by Renee van der Stelt and was installed last February as part of a project
called the Door and Window Project where about 40 artists installed pieces on
blocked openings.  You should be able to see most of the show at
.  I’m working on another one of wheat-pasted
pattern pieces on the boards of Mildred Monroe El for this February.  I doubt it
will hold up as well as Renee’s did though.”

apparently gary had
emailed the wooster link to Renee Van Der Stelt, and i got an email from Renee
just now explaining the piece. Funny how things move at the speed of light when
you have the internet, huh? well below is the email from Renee:

/>“Thanks for sending an image of my piece on Guilford to the WoosterCollective.
I am also surprised it is still there.  She is the legend of the “Tree of
Sorrow” - an old Amerindian Legend.  The story is like the city of Baltimore in
a way.  She fell in love with the sun, but the sun shunned her, and so she went
away, and killed herself (got all fucked up like this city has in ways).  Her
family found her, and brought her back to bury her body.  From that spot grew a
beautiful tree with a trunk of a woman, and fragrant flowers that bloom only at
night.  Since the street traffic is busier at night on Guildford - I decided to
make a night blooming tree - to offer something beautiful for those who live
there.  When I hung it, the women loved it, and the men threatened to take it to
their living rooms.  It is important the people who live there like to see the
piece. But enough!  The best in your own work.  bye. Renee van der Stelt”

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