• December 21, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

More Enhancements and Adjustments

You may have noticed that we’ve added some new features to the site today:

1. You can now forward articles to your friends directly from the site.  (Click on the date link at the bottom of each article. The article will appear with the entry fields underneath it)

2. If you use de.lici.ous you can now bookmark and tag specific articles on the site by clicking on the +del link at the bottom of each article

3. If you use del.icius.us and want to submit a link to the Wooster site, all you have to do is to add the tag, for:woostercollective, and the link will automatically show up on the right hand nav bar above the links to the artists websites

4. If you’re using digg, you can now submit an article on the Wooster site directly into your digg links by clicking on the +digg link

You may have also noticed some additional adjustments:

1. So that they take up less space, we’ve cleaned up the long list of archive links on the right nav bar by placing them in a drop down menu (We’ve also moved the categories to a drop down)

2. We’ve started to archive all of the past mastheads. So if you’ve missed one of them, go to the masthead category in the categories.