• September 23, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Moniker Stories: Part IV


“Faile began as Alife. A word
that appeared in a sketch book a long time ago. As myself and 2 colleagues began
collaborating on a few screen printing projects we adopted this name as our own.
After putting up a lot of work with the name Alife in NYC (2000); we found that
there was already Alife. The now well-known store/gallery on the lower east
side. This created a bit of a problem, but was also a great stroke of

We started thinking of what to call ourselves. And what
a name should possess. When we were putting us some work one night, we got in
trouble by the police and were arrested for posting artwork. As the long hours
of waiting in the pale green cells underneath Manhattan began to take their
toll, we started to reflect on what it was that Alife (our Alife) was about,
what quality that title possessed. This is when we were feeling low, feeling
defeated from the events that had transpired earlier in the evening. It was
there, in the belly of the beast, that Faile was born.

Faile was
about this growth process. About taking your fears and your challenges, your
grief and misfortune, and creating something from that. Taking your failures and
proceeding forward, becoming stronger from what you have learned. So we looked
at the title Alife and by taking what we had, we created something new.
Something that was born out of A-life and became our own. ALIFE > FAILE. The
name has a
meaning that is dear to us, something that is born out of a
place and time for us, and something that has a philosophical undercurrent that
flows through the work we do. This is how Faile came to be.”


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“Friends With You began as a simple statement of automatic acceptane
into our crew, we worked with so many artists and collaborate constantly with
each other causing us to come up with better and better solutions.

/>The mystical idea of Freinds With You lies in our magical group of characters
that actually exsist all around you, helping and hinderijng you in your daily
adventures. Sokme people are perceptive to their signal an most plain ignore it.
But its a great idea and has grown signifigantly into every aspect of our works.
Including interactive installaitons that trust you deep into our imaginary
playwolrd to give you the chance to be an artist and play with us. Mostly, its
an attitude adjustment that we wish to give extend to people the opportunity to
be open, and simply be friendswithyou.”


“PLASMA SLUG’S MONIKER was created in an LSD experience where
i saw him blobbing around my room i quickly made him stay still so i could draw
him. I came from a graff background living in New York and all so plasma slugs
didn’t really get his time yet on the streets. I just stuck with tags and what
not, it wasn’t till i took a trip to Amsterdam where i left the graff
ego/mentality and came back home with a love for stickers and street art as a
whole i loved how on one street sign there was sometimes over 20 stickers of
some good guys, some bad, evil guys some funny some real artistic like, and this
sticker invasion was everywhere in site out in Amsterdam, on my trip bak home on
the plane i swore that i was done with graffiti that its whole concept of
tagging was a I WAS HERE PERSPECTIVE and i could really care less who was where
its like to get deeper into, and probably make graff writers hate me its up to
them, i say that graffiti all falls into a category of tags, outlines, str8
letters, wildstyle, burner, piece, 3d {DAIM SEAK they get there own category}
but other then that it stays restricted not to say street art isn’t but the
possibilities are all within the person and not laid down already by oldschool
individuals, When I was home I started thinking of how plasma slugs to me meant
PLASMA = thought process SLUG = the ability to question. IM not in this movement
for people to question where i have done my art or what it means i am a
individual trying to get my art up as much as possible and have fun in the
process in all hopes of things i one day wish each plasma slugs i have put up
has had its own life and is to be seen unquie, even if i have 100 of the same
image slug sticker to me there all diferent and all play there own part out in
the world, i have ideas and i have motavation with questioning everything
weather its good or bad i can find a joke in the worst things and present it to
the world and leave it for them to judge its up to them as it is up to me to
think, thats what we do, this sticker i made was my mind during its just before
sleep routine for thinking of sticker concepts i Knew its was goin to be hard
and rough to not get seen as an enemy or a bad person with this but since art
has no lines or rules i choose to Stick wit it,

the event of 911 was
a horrible event and i being from NYC seen how hard it struck, not to compare
but titanic was a horrible event in its self too, not to come close to the poor
innocent people lost but a bad event in itself, now why ol why would u make a
movie about it and then go a step further and add a love story in and ohh yea
lets have Leo as the head actor i mean its pure evil in itself, IM suprise
Samuel L Jackson wasn’t in it, which brings u to my sticker the real meaning is
there will be a 911 movie in the future and the Dick head directors will put
star actors and probably make a love story to go with it but hey if they don’t
do it somebody going to do it and that is this Sticker real meaning how many
opinons did u have when first glanced now wen u understood it do i really look
like an evil person making a sticker. THINKING OVER AND OUT plasma slug”


/>“Why did I choose the name Oles? The truth is that I just choose it because of
the nice sound it has and the letters have good shapes to paint with. Later I
noticed that it also could be read as ‘zero les’, wich in my language means ‘no
schooling’. Also it’s common male name in Ukraine and Russia, and it’s off
course always quite nice to hear the crowd in a footballstadion or bull fighting
arena shouting ‘ole!’.”