• October 16, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Mishfit: The Vitals

Hometown: Born in
Guildford, England.
Where do you now live?: Brighton
long have you been creating street art?:
about a year
What did you
do last night?:
  Recovered from a heavy weekend, drew robotic chickens and
bitched about boys!
What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner? 
Anything with seafood in it….mmmm tentacles!
Who is your favourite
fictional character?:
...... that’s a tough one…..possibly cat woman, and Dr
Zoyburg from Futurama, A combination of the 2…that would be mad shit.
/>What do you currently have in your pockets?: You should never ask a
lady what she has in her pockets.
If you were given “more time,” what
would you do with it?
I never get the time to do the amount of
painting/posting /scribbling that I want, so obviously hit it harder….learn
another language, coz I’m sick of feeling like an ignorant British oik every
time I go away, snowboard more and realistically, probably spend a lot more
time being drunk.
Who do you love?: My folks and my mates who are a
constant source of amusement and inspiration.


Mishfit : The Q’s

Wooster: How did you get started
in creating art for the street?

I guess the urge to scribble is too
much to keep confined to a sketchbook or canvas and sooner or later you find
yourself out at night with markers, I started scribbling on the way home from
clubs, just winging it, no real plan. I got so much out of it, that I started
being a bit more organized,  seeking out like minded playmates for nocturnal

Wooster: What other street artists do you most admire and

There are so many people that just blow me away, there’s not
enough room.

Wooster: What’s your favorite city, neighborhood, or
block, to post and/or to see street art?

Haven’t found it yet, but
when you see stuff out in the countryside or other really unexpected places, it
just makes you grin, I love that .

Wooster: What inspires you

My inspirations change as often as my work does, but at present
its usually really simple things, instincts/emotions, organic v’s mechanical,
anything that makes me laugh. So many mundane things trigger weird little
stories in my head and I think that’s where my images come from.

recently the biggest inspiration is hooking up with other artists, just going
out with someone, winging it, swapping pieces half way through, just being
really playful, you get some interesting results and end up with something that
feels really fresh. I like letting the process influence my work.

/>Wooster: What are you currently working on?  Can you give us a sneak

It’s all about naked girls and mutant creatures at the moment.
Who knows what its gonna be next month, but I have a sneaky suspicion that some
badass robotic chickens may be hatching south side! Its Halloween too, so maybe
some spooky shit.

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