• May 15, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

MAU - An Explanation




/>“It’s a rainy night and I’m here in front of my computer seeing if I finish
some new works I’m doing! WOOSTER among EKOSYSTEM has been the sites that I been
visit many times in the past months/years. There’s a urban movement growin’ up
fast as you been showing… maybe so fast that is neer death(?), but that is not
really important, our is it!? What really makes me send you this email message
is (before this all blows away) to show you some works, the recent ones, that
MAU has been doing! What’s MAU? MAU is a collective that been doing some stuff
since 2002! We recently participate in the ACCES-S campaign, but since then that
we been develop our work… mostly stickers, maybe because the facility that is
is for us to get them. Is not that we want to make this our kind of life, far
from there, besides we all have individual works… So, we invites you to visit
our fotolog  there you can see the
recent works and the past ones!!! Bye!... MAU


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