• March 16, 2003
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Luna - The A’s To


Luna - The A’s To Our Q’s

How did you get started in creating posters for the street?

/>Luna: Well, as most others I used to paint graffiti back in the days,
but I quit the whole graffiti thing long before I started making posters. I’ve
always thought that the public space should be used by and for the public and I
wanted to show people that we - everyone - can use this space. One way to do
this would have been by start painting graffiti again, but although I love
graffiti and have my roots there I wanted to move forward. I had been interested
in posters and design for a long time and back when I started this whole thing
the only ones that were doing posters for the streets and pretty much the only
ones people knew of were Shepard Fairey
and here in Sweden, Akay. So, I saw what
they were doing and I really liked it, I think that’s probably why I choose
posters as my medium. At first I just made small photocopied posters and
stickers in black and white. I had already been screenprinting a little so it
didn’t take long until I made some small screenprinted posters in one color and
it all just went from there. The posters got larger and I started using more
colors and I guess that’s where we are today. Who knows what will come next?
Wooster:  What originally inspired you to do the different images
on the posters?

Luna: Lots of things as I do a lot of
different posters. Old posters in general I guess, like old movie posters,
propaganda posters and tour posters. A lot of the time I just find a picture I
like and work from that, I browse through magazines and books all the times and
save the pictures I like. The only image I use on pretty much all of my posters
is the one of "http://www.aflcio.org/aboutaflcio/history/history/hill.cfm">Joe Hill, a
labour organizer and protest singer from Sweden who in 1902 immigrated to the
U.S. He ended up dead thirteen years later, framed for a murder he didn’t have
any part in. It felt right to use his image as he did some really great things
in his life and I can definitely stand behind what he did.

/>Wooster:  What other street artists do you most admire and why?
Luna: I like artists who put some thought behind their work and
have originality. Dave Kinsey, he’s
probably the best one out there today. "http://www.banksy.co.uk/">Banksy, amazing stencil work and new ideas. href= "http://www.akayism.org/">Akay and Adams from Sweden must be mentioned
too, they’re pretty much the pioneers of streetart here in Sweden and are doing
some really original stuff.

Wooster: What’s your favorite
city, neighborhood, or block, to post and/or to see street art?

/>Luna: I kinda like Norrtalje, my hometown, it’s a small, quiet town
that gets invaded by tourists during the summer months. It’s pretty easy to put
up stuff ‘cause there’s not that many people out at night. The downside is that
since it’s such a small town it’s not easy to find new places and you know
pretty much everyone so it’s hard to stay anonymous, but I think I’ve managed so
far. I also like the outskirts of Stockholm and some other cities in Sweden like
Uppsala. Seeing streetart… I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter where I see
it, I just like seeing it. Paris seems like a good city for streetart though,
I’ve never been there but they seem to have a lot of good stuff down there. A
lot of the French guys are doing some crazy shit that is really good.

/>Wooster:  What inspires you now?

Luna: People, music,
art, politics, anger. Right now I’m inspired a lot by the situation in the
world, with the war on Iraq and idiots like Bush and Tony Blair. I just can’t
understand how some people actually want war, so I’m pretty mad about that shit
right now and I think it’ll show on my work.

you currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Well, as it
is fucking cold and more or less impossible to put up something over here in
Sweden during the winter I have a lot of time to work on new stuff and come up
with new ideas. What I’ve been trying to do with my new stuff is to get away a
little from the “traditional” poster art and do some more experimental stuff.
I’ll also try to do more stencil work than before. I have a lot of other new
ideas too but nothing that is really ready to show yet.

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