• July 4, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

London’s Mysterious Gold Bars


If you’re in London, for the last couple of months you may have noticed mysterious gold bars that have been sited in various spots around town.  Turns out that they’ve been placed there by Paul Insect. On Sunday he left a pile of 51 bars on Old Street roundabout, there until last night - gone this morning.  Each bar and the pallet they’re sitting on are signed by Paul with the line ‘if you have me I was stolen’. We’re told that the message is a comment on the “‘liberating/stealing’ of street art both physically and theoretically.”

If you’re not familiar with Paul’s work, check out his upcoming show at the Lazarides Gallery. We’ve been fans for years.

Paul has a show opening later this month - http://www.lazinc.com/exhibitions/future/