• December 17, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

Logan Hicks On Primary Flight In Miami





From Logan:

This was the second year we organized the event, and we have plans to continue doing it as long as we can. It was initially started by BooksIIII of Blackbook Stencils, and it grew to include myself, Lynn Yohanna Howard, Landsea Ventures and Spinello Gallery. The concept was simply to provide a space to artists, during Art Basel, to produce outdoor work, uninterrupted by commercial pressures.

When it started, I don’t think that any of us knew how quickly things would grow. Last year we started with about 25 artists. It went well, and we had great coverage, but this year was insane. We started with close to 30 artists, but that number grew to 80 with 3 days. There were over a dozen locations, each of which has several artists. Some locations having several dozen artists. At least 70% of the murals from last year are still up. This year we doubled the number of murals. Next year it’s hard to say where things will take us, but I know that we are planning on organizing things a bit tighter and earlier than the past 2 years. We still need to talk about things, but we have discussed adding a gallery component into the event. Ideally we’d love to have a warehouse where we could do a full on installation.  We also discussed organizing a panel discussion next year so the artists can speak for themselves, their motivations, and the purpose of the event. Regardless of what form the event takes, the main focus will always be outdoor murals so everyone can enjoy them, even after the crowds have left Art Basel.”