• March 9, 2009
  • Posted by Marc


From 2501:

“Italy it’s going through a weird moment right now,everyday we suffer more and more restrictions upon our personal liberty. Berlusconi “the King” of our Republic is eating up the city of Milan beat by beat. Since 2000 squats and populist cultural centers have been the homes of myself and many other like minded artist. In march 2006 24 people were arrested were trying to put a stop to a fascist demonstration. They were convicted of in-sighting a riot and were forced to serve 9 months of a 4 years prison sentence. Meanwhile, the violent and ruthless actions of Italian cops operating at the G8 summit have continued to go unpunished. In september 2008 Valentina a young artist with no previous criminal record that was among the 24 accused of rioting died tragically in a car accident. She was only 26 years old; the stop lights at that intersection were out of order. The city of Milan is devoting its resources to a private war against free and ungoverned cultural spaces, funneling money away from public services.

This video is a tribute to Valentina and to everyone who still resists.”

LIFE IS A BRIDGE from 2501 on Vimeo.