• July 11, 2011
  • Posted by Marc

Leon Reid IV’s “Tourist-In-Chief”


About this project:

“Tourist-In-Chief” is an installation by public artist Leon Reid IV to be placed on a classical equestrian statue of George Washington located in Union Square, NYC. The installation was selected for realization by this year’s Art In Odd Places festival, Oct 1-10, 2011.

“Tourist-In-Chief” is designed to transform Washington into a contemporary monument to tourism. This transformation will be made by adding large scale props such as an “I Love NY” hat, camera, NYC subway map, and local shopping bags. “Tourist-In-Chief” is intended to achieve 3 goals:

1) Make a comic reflection of New York’s tourist industry.

2) Create a work of art that is enjoyable for all demographics (tourists and New Yorkers alike)

3) Spark public curiosity as to Washington’s role in New York City history. (ex. his inauguration on Wall Street, 1789)

“Tourist-In-Chief” is related to a previous Leon Reid IV installation “True Yank” on a statue of Abraham Lincoln, commissioned by URBIS contemporary art museum and permitted by The City of Manchester, England.


“True Yank” was an enormously popular installation because it was fun and inspired the local residents to re-discover their own history and the role that an American president played in shaping a British city. For “Tourist-In-Chief” we plan to create the same type of enthusiasm for our history through the use of a little humor.

The funds you provide us through Kickstarter will be used to cover costs related to:

  * Prop fabrication
  * Equipment rental (for installation)
  * Installation/removal
  * Licensed install crew
  * Photo/Video documentation
  * Administrative fees related to permit process

With your support, “Tourist-In-Chief” will be possible! We appreciate pledges of any amount and look forward to transport Washington into the 21st Century! Please review the great rewards we offer for each level of support.