• May 14, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

JR in Rio - The Video



Last week we had the chance to have dinner here in New York with both JR and Prune.  To hear each of them talk about their work, left us “on a high” for days. 

For a long time our opinion has been that both of them will absolutely be recognized as “important” artists for their generation for decades to come.  (Every time we’re reminded that JR is only 25 we can’t believe it)

The photos above are form JR most recent installation in Rio.  The setting should be obvious.  If you’re in Rio you may not know that there’s an audio Guide for the photos in the streets of Rio in which you can listen to the stories of the women from Providencia (Portuguese) Dial 0055 21 (0)800 283 0064 (its a free number)

Globo has also done a video on the project. It’s in Portuguese, so we can’t understand what it says.  But we’re sure it’s amazing smile