• October 8, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Jen Starts A List of Amazing Creative Woman

Jen Bekman shares our disgust about the fact that there are no woman participating at Tokion’s two day creativity conference later this month. 

Because Tokion can’t seem to come up with any women who they are willing to deem creative enough to sit on their stage, on her weblog Personism, Jen (and her readers) have begun compiling a list for them. 

We wanted to share the list with you, as well as people’s suggestions…

Also, be sure to add you own here...

But first, here’s the start of our list of amazing creative women whom we admire (we’ll add to it later today):

Camille Rose Garcia
Beth Coleman
Aya Takano
Chiho Aoshima
Megan McGuinness
Erika Somogyi
Mary Ellen Mark
Io aka Monkey Six
Nina Mouritzen
Maya Hayuk
Jenny Holzer
Barbara Kruger
Aiko (of Faile)
Martha Cooper
Kim Hastreiter
Merry Kernowsky
Magda Danysz
Jen Bekman
Christina Ray
Jiae Kim
Regine Debatty
Alice Arnold
Jasmine Zimmerman
Tara McPherson
Caryn Coleman
Gaetane Michaux
Christina Ray
Kalene Rivers
Miss Van

Jen’s List:

Ellen Lupton
Jessica Helfland
Tina Roth Eisenberg (SwissMiss)
Julia Leach
Kate Spade
Alice Roy
Lisa Yuskavage
Mirabelle Marden (Rivington Arms)
Melissa Bent (Rivington Arms)
Alessandra Sanguinetti
Xeni Jardin
Meg Hourihan
Caterina Fake
Heather Champ
Paddy Johnson
Jessica Coen
Youngna Park
Lauren Cerand
Emilia Fanjul
Dannielle Romano
Pavia Rosati
Janice Erlbaum
Jessica Vitkus
Susan + Katherine Hable (Hable Construction)
Mara Hoffman
danah boyd
Mena Trott
Erika Hall (mule design)
Eileen Gittins (ceo:blurb)
Jill Greenberg (photographer)
Portia Wells (designer)
Julie Taraska (editor)
Jane Pratt
Caroline Waxler (The Glasshouse)
Shoshanna Berger (ReadyMade)
Kate Bingaman (Obsessive Consumption)
Kathy Ryan
Jody Quan
Sara Schiller (Wooster Collective)
Patricia Field
Gina Trapiani
Janice Fraser
Farai Chideya
Lily Burana
Mikki Halpin
Kristen Williams
Elizabeth Spiers
Karen Sandler
Paige West
Jennifer Chung
Rachel Sklar
Maud Newton
Molly Steenson
Grace Bonney (design*sponge)
Eva Hagberg
Maira Kalman
Paula Scher
Paola Antonelli
Jayne Mayle
Tracy Reese
• • •


    more women
    i have to say - me… and now more

    mary ellen mark
    susan goodman (art collector)
    soffia coppola
    amy arbus
    karen mcgrane
    lisa poseley (photographer)
    sarah mangoit
    dana buchman
    Natsuo Kirino (author)
    joyce carol oates
    heather mchugh
    Comment by Alison Grippo — October 7, 2006 @ 11:05 pm

    Nancy Savoca and Allison Anders. Would be interesting to hear them talk about if they perceived gender as an issue in getting projects underway, since they both seem to have had a hard time over the past decade, even though their early work was widely praised.
    Comment by 99 — October 7, 2006 @ 11:23 pm

    Some other women that came to mind:

    Lisa Kereszi (photographer)
    Katy Grannan (photographer)
    Jennifer Dalton (artist, currently showing at Winkleman/Plus Ultra)
    Gallerists Janine Foeller and Jane Hait (Wallspace in Chelsea)
    Zaha Hadid
    Elizabeth Diller
    Allison Arieff
    Artist Shannon Ebner
    Lia Halloran (painter, opening Fr. 10/13 at DCKT)
    Leanne Shapton
    Jen DeNike
    Nanette Lepore
    Cynthia Rowley

    And, of course, any of the immensely talented women who’ve shown at jb - check my artist page or the index of previous winners of Hey, Hot Shot!.
    Comment by Jen Bekman — October 7, 2006 @ 11:53 pm

    Stacy McKee - writer of gray’s anatomy
    Marisha Pessel -actor and writer of special topics in calamity physics (on ny times bestseller list)
    Lisa Strausfeld - Partner pentagram
    Diane Keaton
    Laura Innes
    Miranda July
    Callie Khouri

    more ideas here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_female_directors
    Comment by jg — October 8, 2006 @ 12:13 am