• July 24, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Ignorancia - The Vitals: Age:33Hometown:


Ignorancia -  The Vitals:

/> Age:33
Hometown: Madrid/Spain
/>Where do you now live?: Madrid
How long have you
been creating street art?:
Five years
What did you do last
Give dinner to my daughter Mariana
What is your
favorite thing to eat for dinner?:
Big steak with roquefort sauce
/>Who is your favorite fictional character?: Tintin
/>What do you currently have in your pockets?: My pen and
If you were given “more time,” what would you do with it?:
spend it
Who do you love?: My two girls Monica
and Mariana

Ignorancia - The A’s to Our Q’s:

/>Wooster: How did you get started in creating art for the

Ignorancia: I found a sicker of Shepard?s
ObeyGiant at London?s underground when I was living there. So I take it and when
I get to Madrid I do some poster and paste it around town. Send the pictures to
Shepard and he send me back a lot of stuff including stencils so that was the

Wooster: What other street artists do you
most admire and why?

Ignorancia: First of all
Shepard Fairy because of him I start doing this, I love what Banksy did and here
in Madrid I have good friens like the people from El Cartel or Nuria y

Wooster: What’s your favorite city,
neighborhood, or block, to post and/or to see street art?

/>Ignorancia: Well nowadays Madrid is a city near to collapse
in terms of what people do around the street so when I spend some time out I
like to bring my stencils with me a find new places like Barcelona or Menorca
where i spend my summer vacation one failed assigment is london because I use to
live here for three and a hakf years.

Wooster: What
inspires you now?

Ignorancia: I normally use
animals in my stencils and that?s maybe because i start biology at university i
think the Nature and Animal kingdom are a good source of inspiration for me.
Wooster: What are you currently working on?  Can you
give us a sneak peek?

Ignorancia: I start thinking
in my new stencils that probably are based on Giraffes.