• August 12, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

If you’re one of the 1400 people following us on Facebook…

...we’re very sorry.

Today, without any warning, Facebook completely wiped out our profile (Wooster Art) because - so we’ve learned - we created an account presenting the Wooster Collective as a single person (Wooster Art) rather than as a “group” or a “page”. 

For us, this really sucks because the sole reason we created a profile for Wooster on Facebook was that we really enjoyed getting daily updates on what everyone else was doing around the world. We enjoyed seeing photos uploaded, new groups created, messages being sent, etc..

In short, the cool thing for us about Facebook is seeing what everyone else is doing. 

And because of this we’re bummed tonight because suddenly - without any notice - we’ve lost touch with over a thousand people living in places all across the globe…