• October 27, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Holland Series : UTRECHT

Chaz from TLP here. For those of you who think
Holland is all about whores, cheese and crack smoking you wouldn’t be too far
off but, there is some street art about too. I was on a mission to get a glimpse
of what was going on in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and of course,

Part 1 of 4. A continuing series on cities in Holland.
I met up with a big Utrecht Posse (thanks again geezers). WOOD, EWOS,
B.A. CREW, SHES54, EL PUSSYCAT and MORE$$$ all got together and produced a
spontaneous piece just for Wooster. We then went for some drinks, a little
night-time bombing, but as ever it turned into a dirty Jagermeister session with
people caning the toilet walls of whatever place we ended up in. I caught the
train back to Amsterdam at 4 a.m. and had to sit with a junkie who was trying to
sell me heroin. You’ll all be pleased to know I eventually got it for half

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