• February 4, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Gutter Art - An Explanation



From the artist, Sam F. Chuunk,:

“I had always loved the religious fanatic that stood in Kenmore Square (Boston) with his “Heaven or Hell” placard proudly hanging over his shoulders. I am not religious at all, but I am fascinated by the vast interpretations and grandiose rhetoric that religion uses. I combine religious phrases with pop culture and news icons, creating satirical tributes that are creepy and ridiculous. I walk around looking down at the rubbish and the strange remains of our daily life finding compositions to fit my work into. I leave my art in the gutter to create a strange curiosity, a “realness”, for people passing it by. I enjoy the detachment, my art becomes trash with no value or significance, it just lays in the gutter with the rest of life. I also like to hang them on community bulletin boards and obnoxiously taped to poles, among the “Cat Found!” and “Band Needs Drummer” flyers, my work becomes “normal” and lost.”