• December 17, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Graffiti Critique



Drew Heffron sent us an email about his latest project called Graffiti Critique.  Basically, the idea is that you download a PDF file, fill in your comments, and then paste it next to a piece of graffiti as a sort of street based critique of the work. 

As the debate about comments on the Wooster site continues, we thought this was a good time to present Graffiti Critique

Personally we dont agree with the rationale or merits of this one, but it did get us thinking about how things are evolving with the web such that graffiti is becoming “content” that is being categorized and metatagged combining technology with more traditional pastes and stickers. 

One project we like a lot in this category is Yellow Arrow.

UPDATE: From the comments comes our favorite quote of the week:

  “if you want to critique, go stand in a gallery and stroke your chin”