• November 22, 2008
  • Posted by Marc

“Give ‘Em Props!”: Filippo Minelli on David Shrigley


“Is there ONE painting, sticker, stencil, sculpture, or piece of architecture that truly inspires you in your daily work?”

“This is an old and public artwork from David Shrigley. All his production is very funny and inspiring, i could watch his illustrations for the whole day, but i think this pic is probably the most innocent and visionary one. The first time i saw it was years ago and i got shocked by the energy it spreads. It can be the perfect example of what i believe art should be, something shocking, powerful, deep but simple. I also think that behind the vision it creates in your mind it’s a good message: don’t trust reality for what it seems and always go deep into things before judging or putting trust in something.” ...  Filippo Minelli