• March 8, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

GIVE ‘EM PROPS - D*face by muteID

src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images2/D-hanging.jpg" />

/>“The piece above is to date my favourite example of a D*face. Hand drawn and
cut it’s an earlier sticker that shows off his line quality and stop dead
simplicity. One of the bigger stickers I’ve seen it now sits cross eyed staring
out of a frame on my desk. If you gonna call your crew finders keepers you gotta
expect people to lift your work right!

Out of all the artists I look
up to no one in my view is as dedicated to getting up as this guy nor as good in
terms of churning out quality pieces. In London there is a saying ‘You are never
10 metres away from a Rat’. True or not in street art terms ‘You are never a
lamppost away from a D*face’ and that can’t be a bad thing in my book. As the
man would say Keep Keepin’ On”.. href="http://www.fotolog.net/muteid">muteID