• April 12, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

From The Wooster Collective Creative Database: Juliana Neufeld

A few weeks back we mentioned that we were putting together a Creative Database of all the incredibly talented artists that read our site each week.  We’ve received hundreds of amazing submissions from all over the world.  One artist who’s work we liked a lot, and wanted to share with you, is Juliana Neufeld from Toronto, Canada:





Name:  Juliana Neufeld
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Creative Skills: Illustration, mixed media
Portfolio: http://www.juliananeufeld.com

Bio: Self proclaimed Queen of the wild things, Juliana Neufeld’s childhood in the country was spent building forts, scouting for Bigfoot and hunting for buried treasure. Today, Juliana spends her time exploring the concrete jungle of Toronto, claiming territory and fraternizing with other creative animals while striving to create a body of work that reflects the youthful optimism and adventurous spirit of her youth. Juliana’s art can be found on canvas, scribbled in journals, printed in magazines and tucked in nooks and crannies throughout the world wide web.

Recent Shows and Exhibitions:

“Vans Shoe Show.”. Omy Gallery, Toronto, ON
“360 Gallery presents the Omy collective”, 360 Gallery, Toronto, ON
“Breast friends for life” Group Show Toronto, ON
“Know by Heart” Element Eden Art Auction, Chapel Arts, Vancouver, BC
“ No Subtitles” Group Show, Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON

Previous Commercial Work:

Mar 2009- Element Skateboards t-shirt design-Fall 2009 line and Holiday 09 line
Client: Element Skateboards
Mar 2009- Cover illustration for SBC Surf Canada magazine
Client: SBC Media
Feb 2009- Illustration of band “ Animal Collective”
Client: Exclaim Magazine
Dec 2008- Watercolour illustrations for Joseph Boyden’s fiction.
Client: Globe and Mail, Driven Magazine
Sep 2008-  life size Illustrations for fashion feature
Client: Pound Magazine
Aug 2008- mixed media illustration of David Sedaris
Client: Fab Magazine
July 2008- cd artwork for Brendan Canning’s (of Broken Social Scene) album “Something For Everyone”.
Client: Arts & Crafts Records

To learn more about the Creative Database, and to submit your work, click here.