• June 5, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Fresh Stuff From Asbestos: “Retreat of Reason”


Later tonight at the Carmichael gallery in Los Angeles, Dublin based artist Asbestos will be showing new work.

The piece above is called “Retreat of Reason”

Asbestos tells us:

“It’s a portrait of my father painted onto 5 separate pieces that are built from nearly 40 smaller triangles of wood that I found in skips in Dublin, Belfast, London and and on the beaches of Kerry. It builds on a new direction in my work, using triangles as the core element. I think the triangle is the coolest shape, the shape that’s got the most personality. These new triangulated works are influenced by early cubism, deconstructionist architecture and Delauneys theory of triangulation and have the subject of the piece consumed by these angular shapes.”