• March 19, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

Five Tips From PMHFrom PMH:



Five Tips From PMH

From PMH: Sitting here with the new NAS
video blasting out, and felling all empowered and excited by Nas’ positive
message, without sounding cheesy at all I decided to theme my five tips by those
that I live my life by -  rather than sending in abstract tips (never arouse a
dog you can’t beat in a wrestling match, never ask out a woman who can drink
more than you) or practical tips (to make markers drip more ALWAYS perforate the
nib with a pin - cheers mysterious al, always SAVE on your computer when doing
stuff). Anyway the following seem to make sense in my post St. Patrick’s day
drunken hangover..

PMH (of the infamous LOW WAGE crew ) 
presents his FIVE TIPS…

1. Always mix your drinks and never say
never (I know that’s strictly two tips but I won’t tell wooster I’m busting
their rules if you don’t….).

2. This next life tip I overhead from a
man in a pub with blood down his shirt and bloody knuckles, so I guess he knew
what he was talking about: “Never mess with another man’s (or woman’s ) girl and
never pick a fight with a professional kick boxer.” So true.

Listen to yourself first before you take in other peoples opinion. That first
gut reaction is worth more than five friends opinions (applicable to art,
ladies, tattoos and trainers)

4. Check for your finger creeping in
the lens before you take a picture. Theres nothing more annoying than ruining a
great photo with a fuzzy pink thing lurking in the corner of the frame. 
5. Be happy (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else). Be happy with
friends, creating art, being in love, travelling discovering great music or just
feeling great on a sunny day with a big drink and blunt….whatever makes you
happy, as Nike say, just do it….

PS - listen to more stooges records
as well…