• February 24, 2011
  • Posted by Marc

FIRST LOOK: Vik Muniz on Seeing His Art from a Unique Perspective

Wooster Collective congratulates artist Vik Muniz on being honored by USA Network as one of twelve trailblazers who are changing the face of American culture. In the clip above, Vik explains his view of art and how the artist interacts with language and the larger universe. He also discusses the relationship that his art has with the public.

For the third year, the Character Approved Awards pays tribute to pioneers chosen from a cross-section of creative disciplines: architecture, art, design, fashion, film, food, music, social good, technology, theatre and writing. 

The honorees are: Walter Hood (Architecture), Vik Muniz (Art), Emily Pilloton (Design), Prabal Gurung (Fashion), Davis Guggenheim (Film), Grant Achatz (Food), Blake Mycoskie (Giving), Janelle MonĂ¡e (Music), Dennis Crowley & Naveen Selvadurai (New Media), Lily Rabe (Theatre), and Nicole Krauss (Writing)

This year USA Network will be airing the inaugural Character Approved Awards telecast on Tuesday, March 8 at 11/10c. 

(Note: Each week, Sara and I contribute to the USA Character Blog.  You can read our posts here.  USA Network is a client of my agency, Electric Artists)