• April 6, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

FIRST LOOK: Banksy Releases Footage From Exit Through The Gift Shop

As we head into the April 16th opening weekend of Exit Through The Gift Shop in New York, San Francisco and LA, Banksy has started to release a series of exclusive videos on the film’s official Youtube channel

In an extended five minute teaser for the film released today, Banksy for the first time sets up the film’s storyline.

Until today, the only footage online was the trailer which intentionally makes it clear that Banksy doesn’t want to give too of the film’s storyline away

Banksy says in the clip: “The film is the story of what happens when his guy tried to make a documentary about me but he was a lot more interesting than I am, so the film is now kinda about him.”


That guy is a French filmmaker named Terry Guetta.  What happens to him in the film is a true case in which truth is stranger than fiction.

The film opens in cinemas across the United States beginning April 16th.  For exact cities and theaters check the film’s official website here.