• May 24, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Faile Returns To New York on Thursday, June 7th


When Sara and I began putting together our list of artists who we hoped would become part of the 11 Spring project, the first name we wrote down on the piece of paper was that of the New York based collective, Faile

For us, ever since we started the Wooster Collective in 2000, Faile’s work (along with that of WK, Swoon, and Bast) had defined the urban art movement in Lower Manhattan.

Time and time again, Faile sets the bar and they set it high.

The first floor wall that Faile did at 11 Spring, which consisted of layers upon layers of torn hand painted and printed posters, was absolutely stunning.  But we knew that this was just a taste, a preview, of a much larger body of work that was yet to come…

We couldn’t have been more thrilled to learn that on Thursday June 7th Faile will be launching their first large scale solo New York show in many, many years at a secret undisclosed location.

So mark your calenders and stay tuned for more information, as we’ll be letting you know the actual location on Wednesday June 6th, the night before the opening day.