• June 21, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Every Image Has A Story -  “Sister of Mullhouse”



“i’m a super indiana jones , i like to find ,old photographie ,old paper, object, in the street, in the brocante.
And for this spĂ©cialy sister of chapelle, i find this photographie of this girl in “comfirmation” i suppose, in bible, in the street brocante .
back front of this photographie >>> 1984 reguisheim
i find this village but no-where i find a good place for exposed this photographie, but just after this village i find this little chapelle and immediatly i think yes cool , super little chapelle with protection, front of the road in nowhere yessssssssssss coollllllllllllllll jesus thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i respect all confession.
globalement in my works i try to expose what i find where a find it, or where the object provenir , it’s incongru but so interessting with the urbain public,
ok i stop my super englih
in my site i’ll mettre make your liens
and all my photographie is in A3, my best picture is 120 assemblage of A3 (try! you’ll see is a little performence) and i do this because my finance is dead and i like the qualiti of dead finance….......