• April 13, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Every Image Has A Story -  “Sacred Lights”




From Laura:

“I’m currently looking in to the world of magical thinking, that of belief systems be it regarding religion, superstition, obsessive disorders and advertising, each of which controls the thinking of an individual by potentially negative assumptions i.e I am not worthy/guilt/sin/ideals.

I have been looking at stained glass windows and how they are installed to let only sacred light through them in to the vacinity of the holy area, whilst depicting holy scenes or preaching holy scripture as to how one should behave and live their life, this in turn had me look at billboards and how they too preach ‘scripture’ and depict how one should behave and live their life. So to the job in hand I set out for my first project : to transform a bus shelter billboard (lit at night) to a stained glass window as
a comparison between the two ‘sacred lights’”