• April 24, 2009
  • Posted by Marc

Erik Roren’s Tribus




More photos here

“Tribus is a sculptural tag, a mass-produced object for the street. It is a work with such a strong and direct shape and color language that a signature is unnecessary. The expression is the signature and the link between the art pieces. The ambition is to get a direct contact with the viewer. Tribus wants the viewer to experience it´s intervention in the public space as something positive. Using sculpture in this context overcomes some of the obstacles that Graffiti/Street art meets where the viewer classifies the artworks as sabotage even before the visual contact. Getting people sympathetic to this project teases them to like something illegal, Something they normally would condemn. Tribus take its right without having the power. This project strives not to answer any questions but want people to ask them.

Who owns the city

Who owns art”

... Erik Roren