• April 18, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

ECHE XL - The Vitals:


ECHE XL - The Vitals:

Age: to young
to publish
Hometown: singapore
Where do you now live?:
How long have you been creating street art?: 4
What did you do last night?: created some stickers,
smoked a blunt and dropped a piece @ a friends house
What is your
favorite thing to eat for dinner?
peking duck
Who is your favorite
fictional character?:
alfred J kwak
/>What do you currently have in your pockets?: my cellphone, some
stickers, a marker, and my discman
If you were given “more time,” what
would you do with it?:
create more art, spend more time with my girl and get
back on my surfboard…
Who do you love?: my girl, my mom and my

ECHE XL - The A’s to Our Q’s:

Wooster: How did you get started in creating art for the
ECHE: 4 years ago I started with bombing, doing tags and
throw-ups… I got busted and started doing more pieces instead of tags and
throw-ups… but I got busted again and again… so I started doing stickers,
went to some sticker expo’s and got more and more into the real dutch
stickerscene… witch brings me to what I am doing now…

/>Wooster: What other street artists do you most admire and why?

/>ECHE: shes54 ,  I met him on some expo’s and had a talk with him, after
that I looked up alot of stuff from him and saw a lot of his work in

Wooster: What’s your favorite city, neighborhood,
or block, to post and/or to see street art?

ECHE: New York,
utrecht and amsterdam, and all of those the centre of the city is the best place
to drop your art…

Wooster: What inspires you now?

/>ECHE: keith haring and the tibetan way of life

What are you currently working on?

ECHE: I will be
visiting Vancouver and New York, with some new fresh stuff…