• May 14, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Download Our New York Street Art Companion Book


/>For our street art walking tour this Sunday here in New York, we hooked up
with the Belgium artist Gaetane Michaux to produce a street art walking
“companion” of New York. Each book includes a map of downtown New York, a series
of terrific sketches by Gaetane, quotes from a series of artists including
Swoon, Vinnie Ray and Kelly Burns, pages for you to take notes on what you see,
and a series of peel-off stickers from such artists as Saru, Meet ‘n Greet,
Calma, Jon Burgerman, Ladybug, Galo, and many more. 

We’ve hand made
about 60 books to give out on the tour, but we thought we’d also make the entire
book available for download.

Here’s the instuctions on how to
download and make your own book if you are in New York or coming to New York:

How to print “The Wooster Street Art Companion - New

1. Open the .pdf files
2. Print

/>For those of you who are motivated to print double sided:
1. Open the
.pdf files
2. Page 1 is the cover: so loading your printer with a nice
heavy stock paper and then print page 1.
2. Page 2 to 13: this is the body
of the pamphlet, so load you printer with a normal weight paper
3. Print
Page 2. Turn the page over and print page 3 on the back of page 2.
4. Print
Page 4, turn the page over and print page 5 on the back of page 4.

/>You get it… repeat till page 13, which is the back of page 12.
5. Then
for the sticker sheets, load your printer with some sticker paper and print page
14-15-16-17-18. You will now have some incredible stickers.

printing is done!
6. Now, cut the sheets in 4 (following the guide lines)
but… don’t go too fast… for page 1, don’t cut the map in two, just keep it in
one piece and fold it

7. Stack the pages together. Don’t worry; at
this point there is no order to the pages, aside from, of course, the cover and
the back sticker pages.

8. Punch a hole in the top left corner of
each page.

9. Bind the pages with a ring or something handy like a
paper clip.

10. Now take your wonderful new Street Art Companion for
a walk and fill it up with observations and thoughts about what you see and

You can download the entire book in a PDF file by
clicking href="http://www.woostercollective.com/images/wooster%20companion.pdf">here.

(Be patient, the file is 24.3 MB!)










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