• April 30, 2003
  • Posted by Marc

DiXON - The Vitals and


DiXON - The Vitals and The A’s To The Q’s

-I’m 35
-My home town is Ottawa,
-I live in Otown (Ottawa)
-I’ve been creating street art under
several names for about eleven years.
-Last night I performed a live art
gig at a bar for some friends who run Mirror Magazine. (what a night)
love breakfast for dinner, or eggplant wit’ rice.
-Hands down, my favorite
fictional character is "http://www.asterix.tm.fr/">ASTERIX....whoopin’ all that roman ass


What’s in my pockets?....pen and paper, transaction record from my bank, a check
for 50 canadian $, $14.56 and keys.
-If I was given more time….if I
didn’t have to sleep, I’d be makin’ art 24/7…perhaps 23 1/2/6 1/2. The little
extra time I’d be in a hot bath.
-My start as a street artist began with a
small push from a dear friend and mentor….EVOKE (Ottawa)
-Artists I
admire are El Tono, "http://www.hammer.ucla.edu/exhibits/barrymcgee/">Twist and any artist who
cuts new groung constantly.
-Cities I like to see art in are Montreal,
Toronto, London and Kansas CIty. I’ll never forget a time when I visited
Pittsburgh and I was lucky enough, to get a way with posting 60+ stickers on the
bridge leeding to the Warhol Museum. I
went back later to see people stopping to look at them. I love postering and
stickering on bridges.
-I’m inspired by the great deal of crap spude out by
the mass media. I git’ fired up when they try so hard to sell me crap I don’t
want or need.
-I’m working on becoming the best artist I can be…I have a
few commercial gigs, a group show in K.C. and Toronto, a live art gig every
wednesday at a local joint and I’m building a new stretcher for a friend.
sneak a peek? yes.