• November 23, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Disco 3yb, A Sony PSP Artist Speaks Out

I’m one of the artist doing the psp.
In Florida I did 34 total and some other people did more. Do we have to eat. Or
do we live off of air. Can any artist refuse to do such a complain? Yes. Is it
affective in getting people to think about it, yes. Or we would not be here.
This is America, and it does give us this freedom to do this?Be it
what it is. If the people who complain about it would do the same with a
message of peace or love or what ever. It would get as much press as this.
So as artist be happy that some of us are making a $ doing what we
love so much. When many are just surviving!!!

Only in America.
Peace, Disco 3yb