• January 7, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

D*Face’s Stolenspace Set To Open Next Month


Congratulations go out to our friend D*Face who has officially set
February 13th as the launch date for Stolenspace, his new store/gallery/design
studio.  The place sounds absolutely amazing.

Here’s how D*Face
described it to us:

“I’ve spent the best part of Xmas pulling down
walls, fitting lights and painting. What we have is 3 floors; a ground floor and
great shop front, basement and first floor.  The ground floor will be a
gallery/store and the basement will be the same with a twist. Everything in the
basement will be displayed museum style in cabinets, as you go downstairs you
will pick up a ‘takeaway menu’ style list of all products displayed which you
will tick off, bring back upstairs and pay for, we then pack the goods up. Ive
teamed up with Nikki , who will be running the store ‘best’ and used to manage
Artomatic The ground floor will also be the gallery. The first floor will be a
design agency (just me and my partner to start) specializing in conceptual work.
In the gallery, we will have (street) artists showing work every 6-8 weeks.
First up is a visual battle between Dave the Chimp and Flying Fortress. Alex One
will be the second show, launching April 1st.  ” I truely believe in what I and
other ‘street’ artist do, and want to represent this art form from the

We can’t wait to see the place.