• March 30, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

D*Face’s Outside Institute Opens In London This Friday

/>For us, the best thing about street art is that you end up meeting the most
remarkable people. Case in point - D*Face. A few years back, while Sara and I
were haniging out for a few days in London, we had the pleasure of meeting up
for beers one night at the Dragon Bar with D*Face, his wife Eve, Mysterious Al,
PMH, and a whole bunch of London based artists. What we remember most about that
evening was how D*Face sat down with us and very methodically laid out for us
his vision of one day, in the not too distant future, owning a gallery and
design studio in London that would showcase the work of the artists whom he
admired and wanted to help raise their profile. It was an impressive vision, one
that also gave artists the space to work and collaborate together. Sara and I
immediately felt that of all of the artists we had met who were actually going
to pull this off, D*Face had the drive, vision, and intellegence to get it

So, only a year or so later, we couldn’t be happier to let you
know that this coming Friday, April 1st, D*Face’s vision, now called href="http://www.outsideinstitute.com">THE OUTSIDE INSTITUTE, will finally
be open to the public.

describes the 2,000 square foot space as “a one-stop hangout for any artists who
happen to be visiting the UK.” He says,  “There’s desk space to collaborate, the
gallery itself, and a shop selling paint, books, toys, T-shirts and any other
crap we collect on our travels.” The “safe haven for creative minds” will be the
full-time studios of D*face and href="http://www.mysteriousal.com">Mysterious Al.

And in typical
D*Face style, the Outside Institute is opening “BIG” with the first UK showing
of one of New York’s true graffiti legends, href="http://www.seenworld.com/html/main.html">SEEN.  The show, in
association with Graphotism magazine, opens Friday April 1st.


src="http://www.woostercollective.com/images2/outsidein1.jpg" />

once again, congratulations to D*Face, Mysterious Al, Eve, and everyone else who
helped bring the Outside Institute to completion.