• November 16, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

De La Vega and Michael Simon at NYC Adidas Store

Photo of De La Vega by Michael Simon

James De La Vega is an artist who we feel like we haven’t highlighted or featured on the Wooster site enough. De La Vega connects with so many people. His arrest earlier this year, and then his subsequent campaign for the New York State Senate, should have been featured on the site this Summer but unfortunately it wasn’t.

Well, the past is the past so we’re going to change things now by letting you know that De La Vega and Michael Simon will be having an opening on Nov 24th at the NYC Adidas Concept store at 136 Wooster. The show will run for one week. De La Vega will be showing some of his paintings and artwork, and Michael will be showing photographs from a story he did on De La Vega while he was running for NY state senate. It should be an amazing show.