• December 7, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Damn… Say It Isn’t So.

Nothing lasts forever. We know that. But change is always a bit unsettling. Case in point - We received an email from WK yesterday letting us know that his gallery on Stanton Street will closing December 31st.

For us, the work of WK and the Lower East Side of New York are absolutely linked. Not just from the work WK puts on the street which define the neighborhood, but from the gallery the WK has had for years on Stanton Street. Most often you can find him there. We’ve brough tons of artists to WK’s gallery, and each and every time WK has been more than gracious.

Change happens. The loss of WK’s space is one more indication that what was is not always what will be. We’ll miss it for sure. But we hope WK finds another spot soon. It’ll be wierd not stopping buy and saying hello.

If you’re in the hood this month, definately stop by the 101 gallery and check it out.  You’ll realize that some of WK’s best work is in there.

If you haven’t checked out WK’s website in a while, now is a good time, as he recently did a major update. The image above is from a new project. Eight months in the making. You can find it here.