• April 2, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Cut Up Show… An Explanation

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“At the forefront of a new breed of urban
intervention, Cutup have rethought traditional methods of making a statement
through the subversion of the visual landscape of the city. CutUp’s billboard
images are created by slicing up adverts and collaging the pieces into a newly
ordered image. They challenge the invasion of advertising into every aspect of
life and show the effects of the “spectacular society”. In the words of Jelly
Helm (Vice-President - The Martin Agency, ex-creative director - Weiden &
Kennedy), “When you build a system [advertising] on a foundation of desire,
dissatisfaction, envy and inadequacy, people buy things, yes, but it’s no
surprise that it happens at the expense of some damage to the psyche.” The
effect is overwhelming and confusing, the billboards transformed from commercial
message bearers into public talking points.

You are invited to the
Private View of Kemistry Gallery’s new exhibition

CutUp Show
05 April to 30 April

Private View
05 April 2005
/>18.30 - 21.30

gallery@kemistry.co.uk +44(0)20 7729

43 Charlotte Rd, Shoreditch London EC2A 3PD