• October 21, 2003
  • Posted by Marc


looks like it could be a really beautiful

Painting Murals in Havanna:
/>Brazilian and German Aerosol Artists will be on the Island. Joining forces
with cuban artists we will paint several murals in Havanna and Pinar del Rio.
Many side events and features, workshops, art and multimedia
installations etc., are part of our programme.

Intercultural Latin American Art Project:

The main focus is aimed
to the collision and fusion of two latin american countries, Brazil and Cuba.
These two countries which have so many links in art, music and culture.

/>A Project promoting International Aerosol Art:
Half a
ton of Spray Cans and supplies were shipped to Cuba. Latex, oilpaint, spraycans
and brushes -Characters, Stylewriting and Contemporary Art.  The collision of
techniques and styles, will lead to a colourful Fusion on Cuban walls.

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