• March 29, 2010
  • Posted by Marc

Contra’s “Interactive Gordon Brown” Installation on the South Bank of London


What happens when you place a wipeable life-size Prime Minister with a provocative empty speech bubble on the south bank opposite The Houses of Oarliament?

This interactive installation marking the upcoming election put freedom of speech in the hands of the public, and provided tourists with an up close and personal interaction with the man himself. This is the third in the series of Street Art Installations called “Glasnost UK” by Street Artist “Contra”. A series of interactive installations that engage the public in playful way and aim to inspire creativity, openness, freedom of speech, and sometimes general amusement.

(Public Participation in the Video in order:

Man: An umbrella to the heart during installation

Italian tourists: “Hello Dear Bato”

Two Girls: Devil horns a missing tooth and a beard were drawn on to his head and face.

Father and young daughter: *Devil features removed* “Happy Birthday Helen”

*Corrected* “Happy Birthday Mum”

Large group and man before security *Bubble Win* “I Bow to you Obama”

(Unfortunately due to the location, the duration of Mr Brown was short lived to 32 Minutes, as he was later removed by security. Close ups in photos at the end)