• January 4, 2007
  • Posted by Marc

Collateral - The Projections of Jean-Christian Bourcart




For the last year or so, Sara and I have been receiving over 300 - 400 emails a day.  Every once in a while we open an email and our jaw drops.  I look over at Sara and say - “Holy Shit.” 

This is one of those instances.

From Jimmy comes a link to the website of Jean-Christian Bourcart. The projections above, called Collateral, were done Tivoli in New York State in 2005. 

Jean-Christian writes -

“I projected photographs of mutilated and dead Iraqis on American houses, supermarkets, churches, and parking lots. I was thinking of this new generation of kids who will be traumatized for life by growing up during wartime. It was a desperate gesture: my personal protest for the lack of interest for the non-american victims. I found the images on the web. Some American soldiers post their own pictures on a website. They would show a cut leg with the caption: “where’s da rest of my shit?” Or a blown up head with the caption: “need a hair cut” .
I could not help thinking of those images as some kind of restless ghosts that endlessly wander in the intermediate level of the web. I took care of them like a embalmer would; downloading, revamping, printing, rephotographiing, then projecting them as if I was looking for a place where they would rest in peace and at the same time haunt those who pretend not to know what was going on. “

If you can stomach it, we highly recommend that you check out the full gallery of photographs on Jean-Christian Bourcart’s website.