• March 4, 2005
  • Posted by Marc

Chicago | March 4 | Tragic Beauty

a site specific installation by juan chavez, mike genovese, myself & chris silva opens friday march 4 at OPEN END 2000 w. fulton #310 in chicago.

With the support of Bucket Rider Gallery and Chicago Public Art Group, four leading Chicago artists have embarked on a collaboration of unprecedented scale and scope. Tragic Beauty, as envisioned by Juan Chavez, Mike Genovese, Cody Hudson, and Chris Silva, will transform Open End Space into an engaging and innovative environment of found materials, natural elements, and multi-media constructions. Tragic Beauty will then be reassembled on the street where installations will take on added dimension and new meaning. Drawing from past collaborations together as well as individual artistic pursuits, Juan Chavez, Mike Genovese, Cody Hudson, and Chris Silva will host Tragic Beauty at Open End Space in March, 2005.

Tragic Beauty will be a site-specific installation at Open End Space. Selected for its high ceilings and large open areas, Open End gives the artists the freedom to create work on greater scales without limitations. The flexibility at Open End allows the artists to create an alternative space rather than fill a given space. The artists will have the ability to produce an art installation that uniquely co-functions as a set, a stage, and a venue.

Through innovative use of found material, the space will examine the dichotomies that exist in everyday living—revealing creation within destruction, hope within despair, and beauty within tragedy. An assembled shipwreck will provide a platform for bands to perform and add a musical component to the month long show. Bands and artists scheduled to perform during the tragic beauty music series are Ulrich Schnauss (City Centre Office, Domino) [Germany], Montag (Carpark) [Canada], Kate Simko, Panthers (Vice), Zombi (Relapse), Pit er Pat (Overcoat Recordings, Thrill Jockey), Icy Demons (Cloud) & Babyteeth. Also at the opening reception, Tony Janda, Qualls, Ben Fasman, John Herndon will be djing.

Juan Chavez, Mike Genovese, Cody Hudson, and Chris Silva share a belief in the intersection of art and life and the potential for art and experience. They have established themselves as individual artists both in their studio work and their public work. Each artist pursues an individual career while maintaining strong ties and interests in collaborative work. Together, the artists of Tragic Beauty have backgrounds in street collaborations, graffiti, public art, graphic design, painting, and gallery installations. Their work reflects a unique urban consciousness and understanding. For them, this project provides an opportunity to expand the scope of their work and the scope of their audiences. Juan, Mike, Cody, and Chris are eager to see the realization of Tragic Beauty’s potential as an art object and as a community venue.

Tragic Beauty Music Series schedule:

Friday, March 4th : opening reception with dj’s:
Tony Janda
Ben Fasmen
John Herndon

Friday, March 18th
Ulrich Schnauss (City Centre Office, Domino) [Germany]
Montag (Carpark) [Canada]
Kate Simko

Tuesday, March 22nd
Panthers (Vice)
Zombi (Relapse)

Friday, March 25th
Pit er Pat (Overcoat Recordings, Thrill Jockey)
Icy Demons (Cloud)