• August 14, 2006
  • Posted by Marc

Checkin’ In With Roadsworth





From Roadsworth:

“did these sunflowers for an installation up at cirque du soleil here in Montreal. the idea is that they move from east to west i.e. they follow the sun. also this giant zipper which we think might just be the biggest zipper ever painted in a parking lot…ever. will have to call Guiness to get confirmation on that one. stay tuned to google earth for satellite images. shout out to the boys from urbanambush.com, Karim and Brian a.k.a. KSILK and 2YOUTH (a.k.a. the “A TEAM”) for helping me out with this piece while maintaining a good sense of humour despite some gruelling 17 hour shifts. check their website for some images and anecdotes from a massive Lego construction we did a couple of weeks ago (possibly the biggest painted Lego construction ever-will have to call lego and Guiness on that one).