• February 13, 2004
  • Posted by Marc

Checkin’ In With 108


/>It’s been a while since we last heard from href="http://www.108art.tk">108 in Alessandria, Italy.  So we thought we’d
check in and see how he was doing:

So what have you been doing
for the last few months? Any new projects?

Yeah… I was
very busy with some projects. Beside 108… I’ve some “audio” projects, I did
some grafics, CD cover artworks for black metal band and for a post rock band. I
don’t have any true job, and I don’t have money. I’m doing some comics and some
canvas….. YES, I’m still doing my things averywhere, I did some little changes
to my shapes, they are growing and changing… Some times I try to do
somethings totally different but I’m not really satisfied. I had some little
problems with police too. It stop me for a few. In the end I like to do
everything… but I don’t like to do anything for money, and it’s big a

What’s coming up for you in 2004?

/>Hehehe… I don’t know. I’ll try to finish university (designing a
museum for the old Tram* system of my town), I have too many projects…. I hope
to do a webzine about “street art” and more… I HOPE TO LIVE AS AN ARTIST!!!
(but I have no hope).

What are the things that have been
inspiring you lately?

This winter inspired me a lot. I
like snow and the fog… I have a true “cult” for trees in winter. I did a lot
of pics. After it, mmm…. in the last times I watched some new movies, some old
movies (the best ones: Noi Albinoi, Nosferatu….), and I falled again in to Art
Nouveau, expecially the “Secessionism of Wien” (it’s right???), sometimes it

*maybe in usa tram is called trolley, I

I send you 2 108 pics… a preview of a comic that
I’m drawing (at top), and a LadyBug pic, that I like… I hope you enjoy them!
(scuse me again for my bad english…) thanx again for your support and keep in
touch! bye, 108:::